Five Ways For Poker Players To Get The Best Deal From Online Poker Promotions

pokerAll on line poker rooms around the world run a multitude of online poker promotions every day and a savvy poker player needs to find the best ways to make the most profitable return of the deposit investment while having an enjoyable game. With online poker rooms’ competition being as strong as it is now there has never better time to make the most of your deposit dollar and the hours you spend playing poker online combining business with pleasure.

-Online Poker Bonuses. After the Black Friday on April the 15th this year New Depositor’s bonuses for non US players went through the roof. Just two months ago a 100% deposit bonus was the standard rate you could find in online poker rooms, it all changed overnight. Now poker rooms eager to attract new players are willing to pay 150% or even 200% first deposit bonus to the players. So a little research can make you a lot of extra money if you decide to try out one of new online poker rooms in and see the best capital return to your deposit investment

-Rakeback. Whether you play poker live or online the poker room takes a small part of each pot as a fee to provide you with the game. If you are an occasional player it does not really matter but if you spend a lot of time playing poker online you should contact the poker room support and ask about the Rakeback programs that they might offer. This action alone can bring you hundreds of dollars back into your account. Some poker rooms giveaway 22% of the revenue collected, some give up to 40%.The average amount of rakeback you can get these days is about 33%. But remember you need to contact the poker room directly and ask for a rakeback program.

-Freeroll tournaments. This is the best way to build up your bankroll from nothing. All online poker rooms hold a multitude of Online Poker Freerolls where players can win real money without a single dollar risk. Many players have built up their bankroll this way when they started playing poker for fun and later turned into professionals. You can choose from a variety of free tournaments available in different poker rooms nowadays. There are different types of Freerolls to join Poker Tournaments available nowadays: starting from promotional freerolls designed to attract the new players, to higher level new depositor freerolls + for the players who joined the poker room with money, to massive loyalty freerolls + to reward the players for their custom and many more. Such freerolls start with a prize pool from as low as $10 and go up to serious money of tens or hundreds of thousands of free cash.

-Live Poker Events qualifiers. This year WSOP 2011 drew up over 700.000 players from across the world and has a prize pool of over $180,000,000 that is more than the Wimbledon, the Derby and the US Open put together. Online poker rooms offer a huge choice of online live poker events qualifiers to help ordinary poker players to qualify online and win huge sums of money while making history like Chris Moneymaker who won the WSOP 2003 Main Event. There are plenty of live poker events qualifiers available for different live events. Sometimes you can qualify to events like WPT, WSOP, EPT from as little as $0.30 for a chance to win hundreds of thousands of the events’ prize pool.

-Collect the hottest gadgets of your desire. You want to buy something that you really want? Well, you don’t need to cut down your bankroll as very often online poker rooms award their loyal players with the most desirable items on the market. Right now you can earn some of the best gifts online like IPods, IPhones, and IPads2 for doing nothing more than playing poker. So if you have your eyes set up for something it is always worth contacting your poker room to see if they are open to extend their promo further and reward you with a prize you are looking for. All poker rooms love interaction with their players and would be willing to offer you a very good deal for your custom, so don’t be shy and ask for the deal.

If you are a serious poker player online poker promotions suggested above are a great way to build up your bankroll and take advantage of your custom in online poker rooms.